Multi-instrumentalist, composer, Colin Fisher is an active voice in the Improvised and Creative Music Community in North America. 

Has been most active with duo project Not the wind, Not the flag which includes percussionist Brandon Valdivia.  They have a substantial recording output that includes releases on Healing Power, Medusa, Inyrdisc, Already Dead Records, Barnyard records and others.  They have an upcoming vinyl release on Pleasance records as well as a live concert recording with William Parker, coming out on New Atlantis records.

I HAVE EATEN THE CITY is an improvising trio featuring cellist/keyboardist/laptop artist Nick Storring and percussionist Brandon Valdivia. They have many recordings, their latest a tape from UK label Tombed Visions.

 Recently Colin recorded a record with nyc/philly band Many Arms who then released their record “Suspended Definition” on John Zorn’s Tzadik label.  A subsequent US/Canada tour followed the release of their collaboration.

 Colin is a member of bands - Bernice, Body Help, Caribou Vibration Ensemble, Ask the Oracle, Prince Enoki Insect Orchestra, was a member of the AIMToronto Orchestra who performed at the guelph jazz festival playing the music of Anthony Braxton with Mr. Braxton conducting and playing with the orchestra, was a member of the Woodchoppers Association who had a successful tour with west African Griot masters Jah Youssouf and Abdoulaye Kone, played guitar in Isla Craig’s Continental Drift, was a member of Anna Linda Siddall’s band, 

Colin has appeared and collaborated with: Anthony Braxton, Deily Mori Tounkara, Jah Youssouf, Rhys Chattam,  William Parker, Dominic Duval, Sabir Mateen, Many Arms, Neil Haverty, Joe Mcphee, Maury Coles, David Daniels, Chris Kelsey, Paul Hession, Mark Hundevad, Jean Martin, Metal Kites, Barnyard Drama, Nif-D, Eric Chenaux, Evan Shaw, Jason Hammer, Nick Fraser, Joe Sorbara, Glen Hall, Ronda Rindone, The Constantines, Caribou, Born Ruffians, etc.

Colin also received a Canada Council recording grant in 2007 that was used to create a duo recording with Jean Martin called The little man on the boat which was released on Barnyard Records.



“With his involvement in the math-jazz trio Sing That Yell That Spell, I HAVE EATEN THE CITY and in the local improv scene, there is no doubt that Colin Fisher is one of the best musicians in Ontario.  An unfairly skilled saxophonist and guitar player, Fisher's hands dart around his instruments with amazing precision and creativity, showing off the Stratford, Ont.,-based virtuoso's obviously varied musical tastes.  Fisher has a way with strange chord shapes and menacing loops that fold into one another to make slightly creepy and altogether exceptional jazz compositions.  Fisher will play any club that will have him and will help out any band that needs him, proving to be a truly versatile musician who is only happy when an instrument is in his hands.”  Neil Haverty-Dose magazine.


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Colin Fisher (2017)